Hathni Mata Waterfall Near Pavagadh – A famous Picnic spot

Hathni mata water fall is situated near Jambughoda sanctuary and Pavagadh. The site is superb to visit as one day picnic for those who come from Vadodara or nearby areas. The place is in Gujarat and in local language hathni means baby elephant. A cave from where the waterfall comes from which houses a rock shaped appears like a baby elephant. That is why, this waterfall called hathni waterfall. The cave has a small image of Lord Hanuman. The main temple of Hathni mata is at the base of the waterfall.

Hathni Mata Water Fall- a Science Attraction

This is one of the most attractive waterfalls in India, which is 100 meter lofty and buries by green carpeted cliffs with flowers and plants. You will have an amazing feeling when you see an artistic beauty of this fall and the stormy breeze with light sound of water bubbling and falling on rocks. The hathni water fall near Pavagadh is the most glorious place for tourists of nearby cities. Regional community firmly believes in the Hathni mata. In this regard, many fairs are celebrated on many occasions, especially in winter. Hathni water fall near Vadodara is quite popular among youngsters and tribal communities.

Guidance to Reach at Hathni Water Fall

  • By Train– Vadodara is the nearest railway station to reach at this place
  • By Air– Vadodara domestic airport is the nearest airport to reach at hathni water fall
  • By Road– Shivrajpur is the nearest bus-station from where buses will get you to this spot. This waterfall is about 80 kms away from Vadodara. Though, many public transportations are available to reach there, it is not recommended because of irregularity of timings. You can also hire vehicles from Vadodara, Halol or Pavagadh. Once you reach Pavagadh, you have to follow the road to Jambughoda sanctuary, by this route around 15 km, there is a small village named shivarajpur. From here, you can get idea about the directions for hathni mata waterfall. It is around 25kms away from this small town.

It is very beautiful and awesome place to spend a day with friends or family. Monsoon is the best season to visit Hathni Mata Vadodara, during the months of July and August.