Jama Masjid- An Outstanding Religious Place to Visit

Jami masjid, after a time, usually popular as a Jama masjid of champaner which is situated around 150 feet in the east of the city walls. Earlier in the 15th century, it was extensively considered as one of the most admirable mosques in western India. The ziggurat is a combination of two storied and is a creation of both Islamic as well as Hindu types of construction. The edifice has some awesome artwork on its pillars and this has been sustained superbly.

Jama Masjid Champaner

This is one of the 114 structures which are registered by the Baroda Heritage Trust.

  • History-There is a strong history behind this construction. The architecture of this mosque is done in 1513, and is one of the eminent monuments which are constructed by sultan Mohammad Begada. Champaner city is located in Panchamal district almost 47kms around from Baroda. The city was derived by Vanraj Chavda who is the most popular king of Chavda dynasty, in the 8th century.
  • Framework– The construction of the jami masjid champaner is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim designs in it. The exterior part of the mosque and flourishing includes diamonds, sun, pots and vines. It has the rectangular avenue in the east and a walkway which is covered by a large dome built over the platform. The central prayer hall consists of 11 domes and the prime dome having two kinds of structure in it. The interiors of building are also designed beautifully as well.
  • Weather– In this city, climate generally remains moderate during a whole year that means not extreme hot not extreme cold. Still, during midsummer temperature goes high and people feel the hot atmosphere in summer. While, winter has normal temperature that is not too cold here.
  • How to Arrive– The city is 47kms away from Vadodara, which is a major city of Gujarat state and easily reach here by any means of transportation such as buses, taxis, and other vehicles available to reach at Vadodara. ¬†After reaching Baroda, you can easily come to this superb place. It is near Pavagadh so, people also used to say Jama masjid Pavaghdh.

The mosque is designed so beautifully that everyone admires it who visits the place. Its rich history and outstanding architecture is prime reasons why one should really visit the Champaner Jama masjid Pavagadh.