Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary – An Outstanding Site to Visit for a Holiday

The Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary is located in the panchmahal district of Central Gujarat. The area of 130.38 square kilometers is asserted as a sanctuary in May, 1990. The sanctuary is well-known for different kinds of animals and plants. This is an attractive forest consisting teak, bamboos and a variety of species. The space has two lakes, one is Kada and the other at Targol.

In this forest, Leopard is the leading carnivore whose population has been increasing. Further, many other animals are also included in the sanctuary such as the sloth bear, jackal and many others

Why you Should Visit this Place?

  • Jambughoda is 20km away from champaner, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place to hang out while visiting champaner and beside jambughoda wildlife sanctuary.
  • The place is a fundamental part to visit Bhilala and Bayaka tribal villages.
  • The jambughoda resort provides an outstanding local gateway opportunity around

Characteristics of Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and Guidance to Reach Here.


The area of Jambughoda sanctuary is covered with hills and valleys and uneven areas. Maximum part of the sanctuary is shaded with teak forests and other parts are covered with dry teak, mixed momentary, butea forests, dry deciduous scrub and many others. Moreover, there are many mahuda trees which are an essential part of Jambughoda forest.

The Jambughoda forest resort also helps to get nature education and environmental knowledge.


Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary is highly valuable regarding its wildlife. The leopard is in their maximum numbers in this sanctuary. In addition, many other animals are also part of this sanctuary such as barking deers, civets, wolf, jackal, mongoose, porcupine, sloth bear, horned antelope hyena and many more. You can also get an opportunity to see venomous and non-venomous snakes in the sanctuary.

How to Reach at this Place?

There are a number of options available to reach at the Jambughoda Palace. You can go by air, road or train.

  • By Road– This sanctuary is approximately 70kms away from Vadodara and 29kms from Champaner. The car is the best option to hire, by which you can visit both the places. Furthermore, from 1 km away there is a city named shivrajpur where frequent buses also available.
  • By Air– From the nearest airport Vadodara, you can also go by flights
  • By Train– You can reach at this sanctuary by the nearest railway station of shivrajpur.

This is a wonderful for spending a holiday. Especially, in winter time, it will be an awesome experience to watch natural beauty.