Pavagadh- Temple of Kalika Mata on Hills

Pavagadh is a Hindu spiritual place is the temple of Mother Kali. It is considered the oldest temple in this area approximately exited from 10-11th centuries. The temple is staying on the top of Pavagadh hills which is 762m above sea level. A large number of Hindu pilgrims visit this place from long ago, before the advancement of Champaner as a big city, and the number is increasing day-by-day. To reach the Pavagadh Kalika Mandir, there is a 5km walking distance, or else, there is a cable car available which will bring you to the summit about the midpoint.

Ways to Reach at Champaner Pavagadh?

Pavagadh is a nearby place from Vadodara city and this is well-connected to other major cities of the state. So, you can reach there by various transportations.

  • By Air-The Vadodara Airport is the closest airport to Pavagadh Champaner. Flights are accessible to all major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Goa.
  • By Train– To reach at the Pavagadh kali temple, you can go by the nearby railway station from where you can get multiple trains for every part of the state and outside states as well.
  • By Road– You can reach at the Pavagadh Mahakali Mandir via buses. As Pavagadh is nearby to Vadodara city, buses are available from Vadodara to all the major cities of Gujarat.

Kalika Mata Temple- Outlook

Mahakali Mandir Pavagadh is located in the champaner nearby Vadodara city. It is considered the oldest temple. You should mount long steps to reach at this temple since it is situated on top of the hill and between the dense forests near Halol.

Pavagadh Kali mata temple has grand fortifications and an open chowk in the front view, with two pedestals for sacrifices and a cluster of lights for memorable functions. The icon of kalika mata in the inner part of the temple is only the head, designed in red color. The Pavagadh Mandir is generally open early morning to very late night.

Importance of Pavagadh Mahakali Temple

This temple is an eminent pilgrimage place for both Hindus as well as Muslims, which is situated in Pavagadh around 53kms away from Vadodara in Gujarat. Large number of people visit this temple to get the blessings of Kali Mata every day. Pavagadh Champaner is very popular also because of its geographic beauty.

If you have not visited this place, you should once visit the temple which is one of the most popular temples in Pavagadh in Gujarat.