Zand Hanuman – A Historical Temple

Zand Hanuman is an ancient and interesting place to visit.  It is a temple of Lord Hanuman, which is an 18-feet long portrait of Lord Hanuman. It is considered to have been established during an age of Mahabharata. It is deemed that during “vanvas” period, Pandavs came here. “Bhīma’s ghanti” and “well of Arjun” are the symbols of their presence in the Zand Hanuman temple.

Further Facts About the Temple.

Zand hanuman temple Jambughoda is situated near Pavagadh hills and around 75kms away of Vadodara city. The Jand hanuman jambughoda temple is made by the pandavas during “vanvas” period. The temple is devoted to lord Hanuman, god of Hindu. The statue of deity Hanuman is 18 feet long in this temple. So, this is a quite attractive temple and many people visit to see its beauty.  One another eye-catching thing is Bhima’s chakki also popular as a flour mill at Zand Hanuman Jhambughoda. In addition, you will see multiple houses made from stones at here. One story behind these houses is that if you make an imaginary house and it remains stable, you will get own real home in your real life.

Ways to Reach at Zand Hanuman Near Pavagadh

  • By Air- A Local airport, which is Vadodara airport is the closest around 77kms far away and an international airport is Ahmedabad airport which is 180kms away.
  • By Rail– The nearest railway station is a Vadodara railway station junction. There are many trains accessible from Vadodara to any major stations.
  • By Road– There are various public and private vehicles available to at the Jand Hanuman near Pavagadh such as taxis, buses and autos.

The temple has attractive appearance and it will be a great experience to visit this ancient place.